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  • Browse my original artwork in the online shop and make a secure purchase. Your picture will be delivered to you with a minimum of fuss or delay.

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  • If you would like to see my work (and me) up close and personal, please come along to one of the shows where I exhibit. It will be a pleasure to meet you.

  • In addition to creating based on my own inspiration, I also take great delight in bringing your ideas to life. Have a look at my Commissions page.

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Clay WorkClay Work
Greetings CardsGreetings Cards

Every piece of artwork you find here is a true original, a one-of-a-kind painting, especially for you.

Not all of my clay work can be posted; some pieces are made to order. See details on each piece.

Original works in the form of greetings cards for a variety of occasions. Envelopes included.


Tins, mugs and various other things, all lovingly printed with images taken from my artwork.

Those Extra Special Touches

I do not sell my work framed: each piece of artwork is elegantly encased within a card mount and backed by a sturdy board. The clear protective bag shields the artwork from dust and damage and adds an extra layer of protection. Your order is then wrapped in a delicate tissue paper, making it ready to unwrap or gift as it is. It's a small touch that speaks volumes about the thought and consideration poured into each aspect of the presentation.

As you unwrap your order, I hope that my curation of every element becomes evident. The painting itself, colours used, presentation, tissue paper and raffia ribbon – all come together to create an embodiment of the respect and love I hold for my creations and an invitation for others to step into the world I've woven through my art.

Your order will be sent to you, tracked delivery, within 3 days of purchasing.

Presentation and Packaging